Thursday, August 18, 2011

I return to this blog after not having touched it for over a month. First came a frustrated realisation that I wasn't able to convey everything that passed, everything I witnessed, felt, shared, learned; the perpetual motion of whatever it is that I have embarked upon; that the greatest scenes of beauty lay outside the reach of my lens, and that some things are indeed too sacred to be captured by the point-and-snap of my obnoxious camera; that the million stories, the seething political history, the worlds within worlds of this continent lay far beyond the the scope of my words.

Then a 180, realising that this matters not. No scene, happening, moment, is ever perfectly captured, the best we can do is to apply outlines to the shapes and forms of experience and ideas as fast as they run through our fingers. So this I will try to continue to do.
And in saying this, the words and images have continued to amass, though slower than before, between the insanities of the past month, perhaps the most intense yet. I know I don't want these things to fall into obscurity, so I'll try to maintain this little work at a sustainable rate.. For whatever reasons I started out with..

Tomorrow there will be an outpour.

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