Sunday, May 1, 2011

my country is the sky

The four walls that I call time and space buckle and fold into oblivian, giving way to a reality that is forever shifting, so that every molecule around me is interchangeable.
I am beginning to see the potential in the universal; I know that whatever I send up to the moon will eventually, when night reaches the shores of my homeland, fall like dust at the feet of my intended; With fingers plunged into this edge of the ocean, I am effectively touching her deepest depths and furthest reaches; When sleep draws me upwards and outwards, I sit in the company of the planets and observe from my vantage point the comings and goings below. People move like tides of water colour seeping into the grainy surface of the earth - but I can always make out the familiar crowns.

When two of the same thought coincide, surely they meet in the air somewhere in the atmosphere.


With all that's been said, I'm sorry I can't be there in body. Just know that my thoughts and my heart are at home at this time.
If my country is the sky, then family is my home.
R.I.P. George Doyle.
Bye, Grandad.

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